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Guidelines on Choosing Custom Draperies

Drape customization is a daunting task to complete successfully. It takes careful planning and consideration to bring out the best in your custom made drapes. In the event you are not a “Do it yourself” person, it is advisable to hire a good tailor to do the customization for you. Let them ask a few questions in order to gain more understanding on the outcome you want on your custom drapes. One should know that the drapes they choose will determine a lot on the overall appearance of the room. Read more about guidelines for custom draperies in order to get more info.

The first tip will be on color and fabric used. When making custom draperies it is important to consider the type of fabric you use. Keep away from choosing drape fabric that is too heavy as it will hinder perfect crispy falls for the drapes when you draw them. The fabric should be of good size to enable the drape show well unlike when you use smaller pieces. It is important to get the right color shade for your custom draperies. Where your room lets in too much light one should avoid using bright colored draperies as they will fade much faster. Therefore it is advisable to go for neutral colors that will merge well with room decor and is less likely to fail.

In custom drapes it is great to get the right measurements on length and width to bring out the best look for your custom draperies. When getting length measurements it is advisable to include a few more inches above the windows to give it a more classy look, one might also prefer to go way above a few inches. Let the downward length extend to the floor and let it puddle a little bit. Add few inches on both sides of the drapes in order to give them a fuller look.

Thirdly for drape customization is window treatments. Getting good window treatments comes with its own advantages. This will bring out a fit tailored look for your windows. One can get custom panels with different designs to choose from including the materials and header styles.

What is the budget you have on costs? First and foremost one should figure out the estimations on costs they are planning for getting custom draperies. Your budget has a lot to determine the quality outcome for your custom draperies. While with low unreasonable budgets you run a risk of getting poor quality services and materials which will risk adding costs as they do not last long. The budgets outline costs to be used on materials, treatments and services from the tailored you hired for your custom draperies.